Many woman and children have been helped because of generosity and love. 


"You're pregnant !" This was not exciting news for me to hear as a 15 year old teenage girl. My emotions were all over the place, from fear, sadness, confusion to sheer terror; it was a very scary time in my life. Thankfully I had a good support system to help me navigate through the journey from pregnant teenage girl to a teen mother; now the mother of a 25 year old beautiful young woman. I'll be forever grateful to Mrs. Anna Burney for her support, encouragement, guidance , wisdom, and most importantly her love truly changed my life. I'm so happy that other girls will have the opportunity to experience this level of support at Jeanette's House of Hope.



Felicia A. Garrett 

I met Mrs.Burney when I was 15 years old.. and I was pregnant with my first and only child Tamarriea. Going in to foster homes can be difficult but when I met Mrs. Burney everything was different. She offered peace with in her home, I was young and pregnant and everything seemed to be so much for me, My biological mother wasn't around but I could talk to Mrs.Burney and tell her everything any time I had a pain in my belly she knew just what to do. Being with someone who has that much experience and a mothering nature it made everything easier with living with her and excepting foster care. Mrs.Burney treated me just like her own I felt comfortable with her she did everything she could for me and my child she even went beyond to help my family she would cry and get emotional off the things I was going through with my family she made me stronger and taught me not to worry about anything and to trust in the Lord. Once my child was born I didn't even know what to do at 16 years old she taught me everything I know to succeed as a parent to keep going and never give up i stayed focused on school and everything I had to do she was there for me to support. The bond she had With my daughter I had never seen she was and still is a mother to me even though I have grown up and had my own troubles she is still here and did not judge me. What ever I did as a adult she always told me before  hand the results of what would happen, she let me learn from my mistakes just like any parent would I can still call her for anything right now today. When being in foster care it is hard to trust someone and feel loved but when I met her my outlook on everything has been different ,I am so thankful to have her in my life right now today. Mrs. Burney is a very loving and caring person her and Mr.Burney has been the parent figures I have been looking for my whole life I have never met someone who goes above and beyond for not only you but your family.. and even other children. I have been greatly impacted by her and the way she does things differently ,she is very understanding and she never gives up on anyone. I am thankful to have her in my life. Thank you so much for everything you have done even now today things could be so much worse but just the time I had with u as a teen Mom to an adult has taught me so much thank you.

Aligia Rhodes