Anna Burney

I was pregnant at the age of 14 and a teen mom at 15.  The love, compassion, stability and support I received from my mother and our home is why I want to help young women. My mother was the inspiration for “Jeanette’s House of Hope.  I have a saying “A man has not failed because he has fallen; a man has failed because he refuses to get up.”  A young woman may have fallen; we want to give her the hope and inspiration to get up and stay up.

My now adult son once told me “Mom aren’t you glad God doesn’t look at statistics.” We don’t want these young women to become a statistic.

Who is Jeanette?

Alma J Garrett was born in Stanford Kentucky to the late Elmer and Gertrude Patton. She was mother of six children and too many grandchildren and great grands to count. She was affectionately called “Jeanette” by anybody who loved her.  Her home was a haven and resting place for anybody who needed it. Jeanette,  my mother was the “richest” woman I knew. Because her heart was the size of Kentucky, her home state. Jeanette’s House of Hope Inc. was named in the memory of my mom. As a teenage mother, my mom was my rock and an encouragement.  She held us accountable for our action and best example of what a mom should be.   In her memory and for the love of her family we dedicate this to her.