To provide a safe, Christ-centered and home-like environment for pregnant teens.

The Vision
The Misson

To bring healing and hope to broken lives through Christ Jesus. 

Current Events

A new spin on Fundraising “SPINNERS”

Looking for participants every $10 raised will get an entry ticket. At the end of the fundraiser the winner will be awarded 10% of funds collected. Please contact me by email no later than September 30, 2018. Fundraiser starts October 1st through November 1st, 2018.

Support Women
Support Kids
How you can help

JHOH is available to support young women who find themselves in a position of physical, emotional and spiritual need.  We will provide a home-like environment for pregnant teens and their babies.

JHOH will nurture and help young mothers care for their young children. By providing hands on guidance, and practical supports.

Recently, we acquired a 3-bedroom home from a generous donor.  Renovations are needed.  If you are interested in providing financial support, please see our donation options on this page.  Materials and furnishing are still needed.  Please email us for additional questions.